After The Dust Settles

Today my boss was talking to our leadership team about how you don’t judge the quality of somebody’s work by reviewing a bad interaction with a customer. You judge the quality by looking at how they handle the interaction with the next customer. It made me think about life and how we have all been […]

Meet Blaze Part IV (Food Allergies)

We found out about Blaze’s food allergies by accident. Alan had researched about all of the things that can cause Autistic like symptoms and food allergies came up. When we got the results back even the doctors were blown away. Blaze was allergic to just about every food they tested for. The only things that […]

Meet Blaze Part III (Sensory)

When I used to think of kids with Autism and the sensory issues they have instantly I would think that they didn’t like to be touched. While there is truth in that for some Autistic kids, Blaze is actually exactly the opposite. He is what his Occupational Therapist called a “Sensory seeker.”  He walks on […]

Meet Blaze, Part II (Talking)

  I have to start by saying this one is a big dose of reality… but you have to know the bitter to appreciate the sweet. While what I am about to describe is the BIGGEST challenge we have in our lives, we also know it is part of God’s path for Blaze. For this […]

Meet Blaze, Part I

Blaze just turned 3 years old and just before his 3rd birthday he was officially diagnosed with Autism. I thought I would try to explain what that means in a series of posts because I have a feeling that not everyone really understands how Autism plays out in everyday life. I know before Blaze I […]

Feeling the Valentine’s love!!

Wow!! I am touched by the support and love that I have felt from all of you today. My blog was looked at over 100 times today alone!!! I am so humbled, excited and reassured that I am on the right path. I wasn’t sure how this would go and now I couldn’t be smiling […]