I’m a cheerleader!

Step into into any corporation in America and you are bound to hear someone talking about the importance of positive feedback. We all get it, people like to be praised.The challenge is remembering to do it. Today in a leadership class they talked about the importance of positive feedback and it made me think of how many times I have heard this over the years and how it always made sense to me but for some reason it just didn’t stick. It had never become part of my soul.But, as it turns out , that has changed and I have my dear boy to thank for this. As I sat in the class and realized this it just made me feel so humbled that this little boy has taught me so much and he is barely 3 years old. I give him so much positive feedback ( along with my kisses) each day that I feel like I am a cheerleader. We are always clapping, hooting and hollering about something… pee pee in the potty, using his fork, playing with his sister, you name it! Every night at bed I tell him how proud I am of him and I mean it every time. He is a gift in so many ways and he is teaching us all so many things. How lucky am I ?

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