First Day of School Eve

As I wrote Blaze’s name on all of his school supplies and lunch bags this afternoon I couldn’t help but tear up at the thought of my barely turned 3 year old baby going to elementary school tomorrow. This wasn’t supposed to happen until he was at least five and according to our original plan, not until 6. But, our original plan is pretty much out the window at this point. And that is ok… My tears were not really tears of sadness, more tears that every mother has when their baby reaches a milestone. This one just snuck up on me I guess. As I went through the evening, and it was a rough one , I kept thinking that the best part of all of this is that I know my boy will do great. One of Blaze’s many talents is transitioning beautifully… it always has been one of his strengths.
I know that he knows that is he in for a roller coaster ride tomorrow, we can tell by his constant outbursts of hysterical laughter this evening. That is what Blaze does when he is nervous or overwhelmed. He laughs like the silliest little thing you have ever seen. It may not be an appropriate reaction but I cannot tell you how grateful I am that it is not a bad behavior. That kid has one amazing little soul and to me the laughter just proves it.
I keep thinking to myself… “how do I keep myself strong and happy and be the kind of mother I want to be?” The answer is I have faith and I trust in my gut that we are doing the right thing for Blaze. This gives him such a wonderful opportunity to play, socialize and learn from the other kids just as much as he will learn from his teachers. And that is how I stay positive and keep my family moving in the right direction.

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