Looking back for confidence

So, here we are… three days of school down and we are doing good! I won’t lie, the first day was rough. But I don’t really want to focus on that. However, I will share that I did take a little time to cry and vent to Alan on night #1. I let myself do that… get it out when the kids are in bed.. cry if I need to, be angry if I need to but then it is over. Time to move on. Now I am focused on this whole school adventure. It is a whole new file to add to my brain… as if I have room for that ;-) What I have learned from my own history is that this will be ok and it will smooth out. This, by the way, is one of the techniques I use often. I look back at our successes and know it is proof that we can do this. We will figure it out. It works, I swear, add it to your “I can do this” tool box. I have found this approach builds a strong pride because you may not have realized just how strong you have been and how you worked through some tough stuff. It is kind like “this too shall pass” but with a positive “I’m gonna find strength in this” spin!

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