Why write this blog?

A while back I read an article about writing a blog and it asked this:
When writing blog…
What are you willing to be for me and others?

I am willing to be someone who shows that having a child with a special need or a disability is not a life sentence. I will admit when I first accepted that Blaze was Autistic that is what I thought. When I would go on the internet I would find so many parents who were in tough places and did not have a lot of positive things to say. Finding this only made me more sad and more pessimistic about the future. I want to be clear that I mean no disrespect to the parents who vent and share how tough this life is. I really do understand that urge and have to fight it ,but for me personally, I would have loved to have found someone out there who gave me some insight on how to look at our situation in a different light. That is what I hope to be to parents. And in my ideal world I would love to open a window into what it looks like to raise a child with special needs for anyone who is interested, not just parents of special needs kids.

One thought on “Why write this blog?

  1. Pam

    Hey sweetie
    If anyone can do this your little family can!!

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