One week down!

First week of school is officially under our belt. I am happy to share itt went pretty well. The week took its toll on all of us… Blaze has a cold ( which is expected) and was overwhelmed. The way we know is that he just takes a very long time to process things. He really can’t focus on anything. He has so much input coming into his senses that he can’t process it all at once. For example when I went to pick him up I was discreetly observing from an area just outside the classroom and he came into the area where I was. He looked right at me , straight in my eyes and didn’t process that his Mom was standing right there. Not an easy one for me to process… but I know that this will fade with time. I am keeping my eye on the prize and working through the growing pains. I know it will all work out… it’s just the meantime that can be a bit rough!

Keep us in your prayers as we head for week #2. Sickness be gone!

4 thoughts on “One week down!

  1. Samantha Garza

    Your Little Blaze and family are in our prayers!! Hang in there and be strong like you have been and this too shall pass! This will soon be another obstacle you and your family have overcome and will be stronger for it! ❤❤

  2. Beth

    I’m so glad school is going well for Blaze! I hope next week is even better:)

  3. Laura

    Thank you both for the kind wishes!

  4. Deborah

    My heart is filled with joy to see you through this journey!

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