God Doesn’t Make Mistakes

I have to share the scene at the front of our property yesterday morning. It seems somebody came down our road (60 mph speed limit) and charged into the guardrail in front of a very large oak tree( the trunk is 3 ft in diameter).
As I looked at this I thought “wow, that person got really lucky to not hit that huge tree.” Then I had a realization that when that person looked up after hitting the guardrail this is what they would have seen.
The image of this just amazed me and reminded me that God doesn’t make mistakes. The back story on the cross in the background is that is at the front of our property and stands 15 feet tall. Alan built it about 4 months ago because “he wanted to show his appreciation to God for all he had done for us and because he wanted to add God back into the world that He is so often being taken out of… and he wanted him to see our house and give us some special attention ;-) .” It was an out of the blue kind of thing when he built it, to say the least, and he was a man on a mission. The connection of these two events is such a beautiful illustration of how God’s plan comes together in the strangest of ways. Through this experience with Blaze we have found a whole new appreciation for God and found a lot of peace in knowing that He has a plan and that even if we don’t know, He does. I can only hope that the person who ran into the guardrail, missing that huge tree looked up and saw the lighted cross and understood the blessing that had just occurred. Given the size and proximity of the cross I would find it impossible to think they did not see it.
There are so many seemingly meaningless things that happen in our lives everyday, the real challenge is to look at it all and figure out how it all goes together. I find it helps give meaning to the good, the bad, the ugly and the wonderful.

4 thoughts on “God Doesn’t Make Mistakes

  1. Alan

    Wow, that is crazy! I like the cross!!! Who ever built it is definitely going to heaven.

  2. Mike heller

    Beautiful story. I look forward to more posts.

  3. T.D. Decker

    Great stuff! Thanks for sharing! Praise God for your opportunity to share how Blaze has impacted your family and blessed your life. You are right – God does not make mistakes and He does not give you more than you can handle. Thanks for sharing your story with others!
    Blessings, T.D. Decker

    • Laura

      Thank you TD. You are part of my inspiration here!
      God Bless!

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