What does “Blaze your path” mean?

For quite some time now I have had this feeling that I was supposed to do something for families of Autistic children. It took me many months to figure it out but when I did it hit me like a ton of bricks. At first I thought I was supposed to write funny Mommy type stories showing how our life was still very normal. That just didn’t work…writing comedy ain’t easy and it just didn’t feel natural and I didn’t feel like I had a point. Then one day I had the privilege of listening to a man named Tom McCarthy give a motivational talk about leading teams and how to stay positive and keep yourself and your team “above the line.” Above the line basically meaning keeping everyone in the “happy” or “ok” zone and out of the below the line, bad zone. As I listened to him talk I immediately realized this was it. This was what I was supposed to do for the Autistic family community. I was so excited!!! I was supposed to help them to find ways to “stay above the line.” Tom gave me advice on how to do this and one of the things he encouraged was starting this blog.
When it came time to name the website I thought to myself “ I need a name that is strong and bold” After a minute of thinking it dawned on me … duh, Blaze(Our son’s name)! Of course I would use Blaze in the name. It was exactly right. One of the other things that Tom talked about was “Changing your story.” It was a very simple concept that can be applied to anything… if something is not going the way you want it to; “change your story.” That is what I was doing with my family, I was changing our story from a story of pity and sadness to a story of happiness and strength. Autism would define our family but not in the way that I had originally thought. We were already better people for the experience and were so blessed to realize, so early on, that we had a choice on how to live our lives and our choice was going to be to Blaze our Path.. and do it our own way. I want to encourage families of children with special needs, physical disabilities , ADHD , Autism, etc. to stay mentally healthy and let your child’s uniqueness challenge and inspire you each day. I hope that this blog will even help those with typical kids and typical families to find the way to Blaze their path too because we all have our challenges. So this is my offer to you … let me help you find inspiration to Blaze Your Path!
And I do want to say a special thank you to Tom for his encouragement and for sharing his knowledge with me. I am forever grateful!

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