Meet Blaze Part IV (Food Allergies)

We found out about Blaze’s food allergies by accident. Alan had researched about all of the things that can cause Autistic like symptoms and food allergies came up. When we got the results back even the doctors were blown away. Blaze was allergic to just about every food they tested for. The only things that he wasn’t testing allergic to were coconut, pork, turkey, sweet potatoes… seriously that was it. We took a very aggressive approach and chose to eliminate all of the foods he was allergic to. We made sure he was getting vitamins and followed the doctors plan to eliminate all of the allergens for two weeks and then re-introduce a new food every other week. When we re-introduce we would be looking for behavior changes, rash, etc. To be perfectly honest, the first few weeks were hell trying to find a 2 year old food that he was willing to eat that he was not allergic to. My little guys was drinking coconut milk and snacking on pork rinds! It has been 8 months now and he can eat quite a bit more, but we still have to watch him. He just started eating chicken and beef this past weekend and it is going well! We found that the all natural, free range, vegetarian fed chicken works for him. Yay!

He still doesn’t eat soy or wheat and if you ever look at the labels on your food you know these are very popular ingredients. Imagine when he couldn’t have corn or milk either? CORN is in EVERYTHING!  Wheat is still Blaze’s enemy… it makes him act like a crazy person. What we figure happens is the wheat (or any other food that bothers him) upsets his tummy and overwhelms his senses. And, as you know from my previous post, when his senses are overwhelmed we get silly, “out of it” Blaze. Not good!

Before Blaze’s food allergy testing we had no idea he had any allergies.He never showed any signs, or so we thought. Looking back, he frequently had a diaper rash no matter how often he was changed and he had eczema as a baby too. We later learned that these were signs of food allergies. It is amazing the things you don’t know as a first time parent! I wish I knew then what I know now, but that is not how it always works, is it?

Today, we are doing good with the allergies. It was a rough road but you learn to work with what you’ve got. I have gotten pretty creative in the kitchen and learned to use coconut flour, rice flour, corn flour… anything but wheat! I even make my own chicken nuggets… and they are so much healthier than McDonalds…no judgment, if it were an option we would eat them now and again ;-).

There are two huge blessings in all of this food allergy madness:

1)      It has forced our family to really look at what we eat and we are now eating a lot more organic food and more simple homemade foods.  If only I could keep Alan away from the Velveeta… at least until they make an organic version. Ha!

2)      Most important of all is that because Blaze had such extensive food allergies we had Adley tested too. We found out she has a very high peanut allergy. I am so eternally grateful that we did not have to find this out the hard way. This is such a reminder that there is always a plan at work, you just have to trust in the maker of that plan and pray for the hard part to pass. It will pass! I promise…


One thought on “Meet Blaze Part IV (Food Allergies)

  1. Shirley Brown

    Laura, That was really good to find out. I know Trinity had her issues and just finding out what was wrong and how to fix the problem the best possible way. Thanks for sharing all your stories. God Bless you and all your family.

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