After The Dust Settles

Today my boss was talking to our leadership team about how you don’t judge the quality of somebody’s work by reviewing a bad interaction with a customer. You judge the quality by looking at how they handle the interaction with the next customer.

It made me think about life and how we have all been taught that you can tell a lot by a person’s character by how they react to something. The flaw in this, in my opinion, is that I think many of us take this too literally and we judge the person’s reaction to a situation in the “immediate.” I think the better thing to do is gauge a person’s character by how they rebound and what they do moving forward. You can’t expect someone in a bad situation to act perfectly. Nobody can ever truly know what another person is going through and we can’t really say what we would do in their same situation. We are all human and in our moments of crises we are raw, emotional and unpredictable. It is what we do once the dust has settled and once we have wrapped our minds around what has happened that really counts.

Just some food for thought… Happy Friday!

Stay tuned for the last in my series about Blaze… Meet Blaze ( Social).

3 thoughts on “After The Dust Settles

  1. Ranvir

    Nice post. I love it! Keep posting. Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. Beth

    Smart boss. I like this post:)

    • Justin

      I completely agree with that. Have a great weekend!

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