God Doesn’t Make Mistakes

I have to share the scene at the front of our property yesterday morning. It seems somebody came down our road (60 mph speed limit) and charged into the guardrail in front of a very large oak tree( the trunk is 3 ft in diameter). As I looked at this I thought “wow, that person […]

One week down!

First week of school is officially under our belt. I am happy to share itt went pretty well. The week took its toll on all of us… Blaze has a cold ( which is expected) and was overwhelmed. The way we know is that he just takes a very long time to process things. He […]

Why write this blog?

A while back I read an article about writing a blog and it asked this: When writing blog… What are you willing to be for me and others? I am willing to be someone who shows that having a child with a special need or a disability is not a life sentence. I will admit […]

Looking back for confidence

So, here we are… three days of school down and we are doing good! I won’t lie, the first day was rough. But I don’t really want to focus on that. However, I will share that I did take a little time to cry and vent to Alan on night #1. I let myself do […]

First Day of School Eve

As I wrote Blaze’s name on all of his school supplies and lunch bags this afternoon I couldn’t help but tear up at the thought of my barely turned 3 year old baby going to elementary school tomorrow. This wasn’t supposed to happen until he was at least five and according to our original plan, […]

I’m a cheerleader!

Step into into any corporation in America and you are bound to hear someone talking about the importance of positive feedback. We all get it, people like to be praised.The challenge is remembering to do it. Today in a leadership class they talked about the importance of positive feedback and it made me think of […]


First, thanks for taking the time to check out my blog! I am so excited to share my experiences with all of you. How I got here has been quite a journey and I will share that throughout. What you can expect to find here is inspiration and motivation. Not every day is sunshine and […]