Strengths, Weaknesses and Faith

I know all parents, at one time or another, have questioned themselves and wondered if we are doing all that we can do and all that we should do for our children. One of the first things I learned after Blaze was born was Mommy Guilt. I remember I used to feel guilty if he […]

1st Haircut and a Lesson Learned

6 am: alarm goes off… in spite of the tired I am excited about taking Adley to get her 1st hair cut. I have almost 2 hours before I have to leave… plenty of time! 6-7:45am: I had the classic, get everybody out of bed and set up with breakfast and then realize that somehow […]

When You’re Having a Bad Day

I was listening to Joel Osteen ( preacher) this morning and he had some wonderful words of wisdom that I wanted to share. When you are having a bad day here are 2 things to do: 1) Find something to be grateful for 2) Start expecting a change… expect that great things are coming your […]

Owning It

When we were going through the “is he Autistic or not?” year( aka 2013 the worst year in our lives)  we faced so many uncomfortable social events. Some with family, some with friends all sharing a common theme… unease and discomfort. We didn’t want to talk about the possibility that Blaze was Autistic. Maybe it […]

Ode to My Couch

I once thought the Beatles were smoking some interesting stuff when they belted out “All you need is love.” Love is a damn powerful thing, I will admit it, but come on… can it really be all you need? I don’t know about you but there was a time in life when all I needed was a […]

Just one Question

Today I was talking to a friend and she said “that is one of the questions that I have when I get up there.”  I told her I only had one question for God and that is “What is going on with kids these days?”  There are so many kids being diagnosed each and every […]