When You’re Having a Bad Day

I was listening to Joel Osteen ( preacher) this morning and he had some wonderful words of wisdom that I wanted to share.

When you are having a bad day here are 2 things to do:
1) Find something to be grateful for
2) Start expecting a change… expect that great things are coming your way.

If you’ve never listened to or watched Joel I highly recommend him. He is a very motivational speaker and he really helped me refocus my energies when I was struggling and he helps me stay positive no matter what life sends my way. He is really astonishing! You can find him on TV every Sunday ,on YouTube or through Podcasts. My absolute favorite is called “Something you have never seen.”

So you know: He is a preacher so these are religious based. I urge you to give him a chance because he is a wonderful story teller and motivational speaker and everything he talks about is extremely universal regardless of your religious beliefs. What do you have to lose by listening for 25 minutes?

3 thoughts on “When You’re Having a Bad Day

  1. Jess

    Just what I needed today. Thank you Laura!

  2. Wendy

    He is a great speaker and very good to listen to. Thank you for the reminder. Keep your chin up! Love you.

  3. Shirley Brown

    I so needed that today. I had a really frustrating time a Wal Mart today and it was very minor stuff. Thank you for sharing your information. Made me think about my trip to the store.

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