1st Haircut and a Lesson Learned

6 am: alarm goes off… in spite of the tired I am excited about taking Adley to get her 1st hair cut. I have almost 2 hours before I have to leave… plenty of time!
6-7:45am: I had the classic, get everybody out of bed and set up with breakfast and then realize that somehow the 2 hours that I had to leisurely get ready are now GONE!
7:45am How the hell is already 7:45?We have to go! Grab Adley’s adorable little black gladiator sandals that go perfectly with her black and pink dress. Put shoes on Adley’s feet, have bottle of milk thrown at me while she yells at me in her native baby tongue. What’s wrong? More milk throwing and tongue lashing. Alan wakes up from his slumber on the couch ” get her the purple ones.” The purple outside sandals that do not match with this dress at all??? Why would I do that? Milk thrown for the 3rd time… ok, purple sandals it is. Off with my choice of shoes, purple shoes on … little lady happy. Interesting glimpse of my future… a 17 month old with strong opinions about her shoes… should be fun at 17 years ;-)
7:50am Quick McDonalds stop for Momma’s 2nd breakfast of the morning( I have a ferociously hungry baby in my belly). Take a quick look in the mirror while I wait for my Egg White Delight… I am so impressed I got my make up on and I’ll do something about this clipped up hair on the way.
8:10am Driving the 25 miles to my stylist Carly’s salon… she is the only one I would trust with scissors near my little lady’s face and head. Besides, this whole first hair cut thing is ceremonious, a rite of passage, a mommy daughter bonding experience, right? I need to be sure it’s going to be done right and that Momma won’t feel judged while she holds her daughter (down)for a haircut. That’s why I chose Carly, she and I have kids the same age and are always swapping Momma stories so she won’t judge me or worse yet… fire me as her client…. no please don’t make me find a new hair stylist!
8:10-8:30am Have some moments to think about how this experience is really going to go and prepare myself for the worst. Adley may very well scream at the top of her lungs, grab the scissors and try to cut my hair. Or she could sit there like a perfect little angel loving this beautiful mommy daughter moment. Pose perfectly for pictures….Nah, she is gonna scream and in this moment I come to terms with this. I just think of how funny it will be if this all goes wrong and she ends up with giant chunks cut out of hair. Just remember Laura, this is a mind game… prepare yourself for it and nothing can surprise you… mind over matter.
8:30-9:15am Arrive at the salon.. on time by some miracle and decide that my clipped up hair do from when I washed my face actually looks ok ( probably should have looked again). As predicted, Adley was a perfect little angel… she even sat in the chair by herself the whole time while Carly lovingly put little layers into her hair. Ha! Yeah right… my darling girl yelled the whole time like she was about to fed to wolves or something. She hated every second of it. Carly did a fabulous job and was just as patient as I knew she would be. Her hair is adorable! Is it a bad sign that our first official Mommy Daughter day ended with my daughter in tears? Lord, I hope not.
All said and done I learned a real lesson here. I prepped myself mentally for what I knew was not likely to be a picture perfect experience and then when it wasn’t I didn’t even flinch( or cry). I am not saying to plan for the worst every time but take a lesson from me that not everything is going to work out as you plan. I have a very bad habit of creating these illusions in my head of how holidays, family photo sessions and other everyday scenarios( family movie night) are going to go and since I had Blaze in January 2011 not one of them has turned out the way I pictured it( um, perfect) in my head so maybe this haircut experience was just what I needed to start practicing the art of “knowing it may not be perfect.” It is all a mind game and how we prep ourselves makes all the difference in the world. One of my favorite sayings is “life is 10% what happens to you and 90% what you make of it.”  So very true…


4 thoughts on “1st Haircut and a Lesson Learned

  1. Alan

    Just avoid preparing yourself and let me cut her hair. Problem solved. Next

    • Mary

      She looks absolutely precious!!!! Miss you guys!!!! Alan enjoy some of the least expensive haircuts Adley will probably ever get. It only goes up$$$$$$ lol.

  2. Wendy

    Very cute and glad that you made it through. You are both doing a fabulous job. Love you both and miss you.

  3. Krystal

    I laughed at the beginning of this! Don’t we all have those days of “I want the purple sandals that DON’T match but they are comfy days?!” ;)
    I love your perspective on things! It’s not how things turn out, it’s what you make of them that counts! Miss Adley looks adorable! And, Alan, you keep your clippers/scissors away from that child’s head!
    ;) Love you all!!!

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