The Truth

It’s been a while…I wish I could say it is because I have been on vacation because the truth is not as pretty. I have made a commitment to be positive and show how we positively approach raising a child with special needs so I feel bad for what I am about to write but […]

Happy Mother’s Day

To all my favorite ladies in the world. Thank you for being an inspiration to me, each of you are in your own special way! We will be hanging out at the house and Alan is making me all my meals… Omelette for breakfast, burgers for lunch( his idea) and steak kabobs for dinner!!! Yum!! […]

The 94/6 Rule

Last week my friend Stephenie and I were chatting about how life was going with our families when she made a wildly astute comment. She said “94% of the time everything in my family is just working [well] but the other 6 percent it just isn’t. “ (Sorry Stephenie for not getting your quote exact). […]