The 94/6 Rule

Last week my friend Stephenie and I were chatting about how life was going with our families when she made a wildly astute comment. She said “94% of the time everything in my family is just working [well] but the other 6 percent it just isn’t. “ (Sorry Stephenie for not getting your quote exact). She continued sharing how during that 6% she can get quite frustrated and makes her forget about the other 94% of the time. Bam! A revelation hit us both in the face. How messed up is it that we let that 6% own us? If you were to think of your life having a report card with one question: Is your life working well? 70% is passing, 80% is good and 90% or above is excellent. How are you doing? What is your percentage?
My hope is that most of you answered a high percentage. So why do we focus on that 6%? I’ll tell you what I think…so many of us are so caught up in what is happening at this exact moment that we forget to look at the past and forget to look at the future and forget to keep it all in perspective. Take it from a woman who lives a life full of daily challenges… that in order to not only survive, but to thrive, you have to do this! You have to look back at all that has gone right and what you have overcome; you have to look at the world around you and know that it can always be worse; you have to look to the future and have the undoubting faith that everything will work out just fine. I challenge all of you to focus on your grade and if it isn’t high enough work harder to improve it! Focus on how many wonderful things you have in your life and remember just how often it is working well.
Thank you Stephenie for throwing this 94/6 idea my way! You are so very right my friend…

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