You Were Given This Life…

Over the past couple of weeks I have heard about so many of my friends and loved ones going through hard times. Some are dealing with the death of a loved one and others with their own health issues or the health issues of a loved one. So for all of you today I want […]

The Real Life Forest Gump, God and Me

Last October, a week before Blaze was officially diagnosed with Autism I was on a plane sitting next to a man who I swear was the real life Forest Gump. He had such an amazing life story; the highlight of was he rollerbladed across the country to raise money for his 9 year old nephew […]

“Like” on Facebook!

Greetings! Well, I finally did it… I finally set up a Facebook page for (about time right?). I don’t have a personal Facebook account so I really had no idea the power of Facebook. I learned last week. My friend & co-worker Mike posted my post, Prayer For My Babies, and after he did […]

My Prayer for My Babies (Born and Unborn)

As I mentioned in my last post, I have been reading this book “The Circle Maker” which talks about circling your life with prayer in a physical way. So every night Alan and I have been walking a circle around our home in silence. During this time we talk to God and I have found […]