Boo to the bucket list!

I am sorry, but I do not believe in Bucket Lists. The whole idea actually bugs the crap out of me. Maybe because once I start making a list I just want to keep adding to it and then it gets out of control quickly amd before I know it I have created a list […]

Drive Thru Envy

Today was one of those ridiculously hot, humid south Texas days. And an especially hot day for this pregnant lady. I swear to you my internal temperature has been at 100 degrees all day. Anyways, I picked the kids up and when I got home I had no plans for dinner. Why is the hardest […]

Home Improvement Ideas…Mommy’s Way!

In an effort to make my crazy/wonderful life just a smidge easier I have decided to make some rather unconventional home improvements. Let me know what you think! 1) Under all trash cans I will be drilling a hole that goes 10,000 feet into the Earth so that my trash cans are never full. ( I […]

Laugh With Me or At Me

If you are the parent of small children(or ever have been) you are probably like me and often find yourself saying “Really? Are you serious? Is this actually happening? Is this my life?” If you are lucky you are laughing when you say this to yourself because if you are not laughing then you are […]