Home Improvement Ideas…Mommy’s Way!

In an effort to make my crazy/wonderful life just a smidge easier I have decided to make some rather unconventional home improvements. Let me know what you think!

1) Under all trash cans I will be drilling a hole that goes 10,000 feet into the Earth so that my trash cans are never full. ( I know, I know… not very green but you should see how fast our trash cans fill up)

2) Self-cleaning floors: need I say more? Probably not, but I am going to anyways. All I am saying is we live in the country so we get about 5 gallons of sand drug through our house on a weekly basis. And I am pretty sure you could put together a whole bowl (maybe even a box) of cereal if you combed through my whole house. Yes I clean, but cereal gets everywhere and my babies love their cereal!

3) Installation of a portal to our pediatrician’s office so that I won’t have to drive sick (or even healthy) kids to the doctor ever again. Lord knows one of us is there at least once a month and it is never a fun or sweat-free experience( TMI?). We will just get in my magic portal and poof we are there… no driving, no waiting, just in and out! Doesn’t that sound like bliss?

4) I am putting a laundry hamper in every room of this house in hopes that maybe, just maybe, one article of anybody’s clothing will make it in there. And when it doesn’t at least I have a laundry basket nearby when I do it for them ;-)

5) A mute button that stops all crying, squealing, whining or any other noise that my delicate little ears don’t want to listen to!

Leave a comment (on the blog or on Facebook) if you have any “outside of the box” home improvement ideas you would like to add to my list. I need to hear from you because when I get my home improvement loan I need to make sure I get it all! ;-)

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Laura :-)

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