Drive Thru Envy

drivethruToday was one of those ridiculously hot, humid south Texas days. And an especially hot day for this pregnant lady. I swear to you my internal temperature has been at 100 degrees all day. Anyways, I picked the kids up and when I got home I had no plans for dinner. Why is the hardest part of dinner figuring out what to make? And you have to do it everyday… ugh! And in this family it is nearly impossible to cook all of us the same meal. Adley is allergic to beef… I’m not kidding and Alan doesn’t care for chicken. And that’s just the proteins. We also limit the kid’s wheat intake and Blaze has a handful of other food allergies that we are still working through. So making a meal we can all eat…basically impossible. I have to give myself some props here and say that most nights I manage to put together an allergy and taste bud friendly meal. But tonight it was not happening… this pregnant Momma was tired and HOT. So I did our family’s equivalent of a drive thru meal. A five course meal consisting of whatever Momma pulled out of the fridge or pantry.

Course 1: Strawberries
Course 2: Crackers
Course 3: Cheese
Course 4: Apple
Course 5: another apple
Course 6: Blaze and Momma enjoyed a bowl of Pops cereal

Boo yah! Dinner was served! Not exactly conventional but it worked and they probably ate more than they usually pick off their plates.

The whole scene made me laugh and I day dreamed about how much easier it would have been if I could have just gone to a drive thru, like every other American family and bought the kiddos a flippin’ happy meal!? Ahh… that would have been so easy. Then reality slapped me across the face and said “Sorry, lady… that is not your life; you didn’t get one of those easy lives.” But a girl can dream and hope for easier days… can’t she?

4 thoughts on “Drive Thru Envy

  1. Beth I still love it, and you can pick whatever plan you need.

    • Laura

      Thanks for the reminder! I need to check that out.:-)

  2. Sharon jasik

    Hey girl cereal and fruit for supper is a good filling meal. I use to fix pancakes and sausages for dinner. Gregg will fix pork steakes and cut them up small. Then fix mashed potatoes with cooked carrots in it. You’d be surprised it is cook cooked together. That is how my mother got us kids to eat carrots., add green beans and there you go. Well good luck with this heating business, maybe we’ll get lucky and a cool front will come through. We may surprise you and come for a visit in the next couple of weeks. Love Aunt Sharon

    • Laura

      Truer words have never been spoken. Letting go is so hard but we have to learn to do it. Love you! Laura

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