Boo to the bucket list!

Bucket list

I am sorry, but I do not believe in Bucket Lists. The whole idea actually bugs the crap out of me. Maybe because once I start making a list I just want to keep adding to it and then it gets out of control quickly amd before I know it I have created a list just because. So lists can actually be my enemy because I create more work for myself and get annoyed when I can’t check something off.

The whole idea of the bucket list where you have to do these certain things before you can consider your life fulfilled has only one possible result… making you feel like you failed because you did not take something off of your list. Boo! I do believe in goals and aspirations; we should all have those! But instead of the bucket list I like to think of my life as a list that I am creating as I go. I will always be adding to it but I will never feel incomplete if I don’t “take it off my bucket list.”

I prefer to create a ‘Blessing List’ and add on the blessings as they come. To me… that is a better and much happier way to live! Then when it is my time I can look at all of the things I have done and not feel bad about not having done something I once thought I wanted to do. Just a thought…

Laura :-)

One thought on “Boo to the bucket list!

  1. Sharon jasik

    You are absolutely right. No list can’t follow them anyway, they are a pain in the wazoo. Go with god and the flow and your are better off. No worrying about what do I have to achieve next. Just getting through one day at a time is an achievement in itself. God says don’t worry about tomorrow I will handle it. I believe him and my faith gets me through the day. I know on some days you say god help me I can’t take anymore, but you say god I give this to you because I can not handle it right now. Just give me the strength to handle what you decide. and you will make it, and you may not like the way he handled it or it may take awhile for him to handle it. But he is there and will be beside you when he takes care of it. Always remember when it gets hard god is with you and sometimes carrying you and you don’t realize it. Love y’all so much Aunt Sharon

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