Summer of Sickness

I miss writing on the blog. I am constantly blogging in my head but somehow it never makes it to the computer. It’s been a trying summer. We have dealt with a lot of sickness since June when we started in daycare. We have had…
• Stomach Bug: all of us… and it was the bad kind 
• Colds: All of us, Adley multiple times
• Ear Tubes: Blaze
• Hand, foot and mouth disease (not as bad as it sounds): Blaze
• Pneumonia: Me
• Placenta Previa (gone now but it was a scare for a while): me
• 7 months pregnant (not a sickness, but it takes its toll on the body!): Me

So we’ve had our hands full this summer… to say the least. And it has really taken a toll on us mentally and physically. We have been pushed to what seemed like our max. I dare say I think we are on the other side of it… God willing. We just need to be healthy again!
I have to confess it has been very hard to stay positive when every time we turn around somebody is sick with something new. We went through some rough days, some frustrating days and some “are you freaking kidding me?” days. I broke down and cried and begged God to stop because we needed a break.
This week has been better. I finally have some energy, Blaze’s ears are finally healed and the stomach bug is gone. Adley and Alan have a bit of a cold right now so it is not over but it is better. So things are looking up…
And only 10 more weeks until we meet this little boy/girl!



4 thoughts on “Summer of Sickness

  1. Beth

    I’m so glad you guys are better. What a good picture

    • Laura

      Thanks, hope you are feeling better too! We were shocked at how well you can see baby’s face.

  2. Diana Garey

    Glad you guys are feeling better!! You have been in our thoughts and prayers! Alison has kept me up with all of the events/trials. No fun!! Hang in there!! You are amazing!!

    • Laura

      Thank you so much Diana! It has been an interesting ride… We always appreciate the prayers!
      Hugs- Laura

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