Momma needs to go back to work!!

The first time I went on maternity leave it was blissful! 12 lovely weeks at home with Blaze. It was like a vacation after we got into our groove… We snuggled, cooed at each other,took walks outside in the beatiful spring weather, had friends over for lunch, made scrap books. It was so good that I thought for a while there that I wanted to be a stay-at-home-Mom. Well I would like to take a moment to thank God for not letting me go down that road. I love my kids but let me just tell ya that I need to go to work!!

These past 12 weeks have shown me what life at home would be like and… I prefer to keep my sanity. Call me crazy but I need someone to listen to something(or anything) I say. And it would make me ridiculously happy if I didn’t have to repeat it 917 times.

And ooooooh I am sooooooo excited to drive 45 minutes each way to work ALL BY MYSELF!! I am going to listen to the radio so loud that my brain is going to hurt! I am going to eat food that is not kid approved like sushi and big overstuffed burritos! I am going to have conversations with lots and lots of grown ups. I am going to stop eating the best homemade oatmeal chocolate cookies ever every single day(And maybe start to lose more weight). I will wear people clothes, do something to my hair that doesn’t involve one of my daughter’s neon colored hair ties,take daily showers! Oh to be in a place where Nickelodeon is not playing over and over and over.Did I mention that I will be totally okay not wiping a little booty for 8 whole hours each day!

I will miss my little terrorists and my sweet baby Knox but trust me I am a better mother to them when I am working!! We are who we are and I am a working mother. I love the cuddling and falling asleep on my shoulder more than I can express but the calm that I had on my first maternity leave is so very gone. I must now go to work to find peace…who would have thunk it?

12 thoughts on “Momma needs to go back to work!!

  1. Justin

    Welcome back to work Laura!

    • Laura

      Thanks Justin and Congrats on your new job!

  2. Bonnie

    So true! Have a great first day back!

    • Laura

      Thanks Bonnie.. I am dreading daycare for Knox but I know it has to happen!

  3. Krystal

    It’s true, we go back to work to relax! Haha! Hope you all get into the new routine easily! Love & hugs!

    • Laura

      Yes, the crazy lives of mothers!

  4. shirley

    Thinking of you and praying that you will have a blessed day, a lot of patience, safe trip to and from work.

  5. shirley

    Thinking of you. Have a safe trip to and from work, patience an enjoy your sanity. Lots of love.

    • Laura

      Thanks Shirley! Lots of love to you too!

  6. Well my friend back to a different kind of crazy. I know they will be glad to have you back. Love the kids but completely understand the choice.

  7. Amanda

    Oversized burritos! Sushi!

    I’m hungry.

    :) I’ll be thinking about you tomorrow

    • Laura


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