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My name is Laura and I am a mother to two three :) perfect little angels, one of whom is Autistic.  My son Blaze, who just turned 4 in January 2015 was diagnosed with Autism just before his 3rd birthday. I am writing this blog so that I can help parents of children with special needs. I know, first hand, how tough life can be but I also know how I was able to turn it all around and bring my family back to a place of happiness. Life with Autism can still be a happy life! I am so proud of where we are , but it was not easy and I know it will not be for any of you either. But, I promise you that you will be a happier person and have a better outlook on life if you follow some of my advice.

I don’t pretend to be a therapist or a professional but I have had a very personal experience that started with sadness and depression and that turned into an amazing life shaping experience. Give me a chance to inspire and motivate you… what do you have to lose?


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