Why I left Subway in Tears

Today while I was waiting in line at Subway I realized the guy in front of me was the same Target employee who had irritated me 20 minutes ago. I had walked by him looking for something with a clear ” I can’t find what I am looking for” face and all he did was […]

This Momma’s Advice to New Parents

The other day when I was sweeping up the random food, crayons and socks under my dining room table I thought about some of the things that I wish somebody had told me when I first became a parent.When you first have a baby and everything has settled into a routine you think “I got […]

Momma needs to go back to work!!

The first time I went on maternity leave it was blissful! 12 lovely weeks at home with Blaze. It was like a vacation after we got into our groove… We snuggled, cooed at each other,took walks outside in the beatiful spring weather, had friends over for lunch, made scrap books. It was so good that […]

What a year!

Sorry for the technical difficulties… ugh! Hey! Bet you thought I gave up on this whole blog thing. Not exactly… I just haven’t had the time. But here I am! So, you know how some people send out Chistmas cards listing the events of their year. Well, here are ours and let’s just say they […]

2 Sides to Every Story

You know that really popular song “why you gotta be so rude?” Well, here is one Dad’s response to it…. Awesome! And you gotta love the Mom with the laudry basket in the background!! Warning: this will get stuck in your head!! Click here to check it out! Happy Thursday! Laura

Summer of Sickness

I miss writing on the blog. I am constantly blogging in my head but somehow it never makes it to the computer. It’s been a trying summer. We have dealt with a lot of sickness since June when we started in daycare. We have had… • Stomach Bug: all of us… and it was the […]

Boo to the bucket list!

I am sorry, but I do not believe in Bucket Lists. The whole idea actually bugs the crap out of me. Maybe because once I start making a list I just want to keep adding to it and then it gets out of control quickly amd before I know it I have created a list […]