Grandma Gatewood Memorial Hiking Trail In Ohio

Here is everything you need to know about the Grandma Gatewood Memorial Hiking Trail:

  • Trail System: National Recreation Trail
  • State: Ohio
  • Length: 6 miles.
  • Type: Hiking
  • Surface: dirt
  • Managed By: Ohio Department of Natural Resources
  • Permit Required?: No
  • Website: Info not available.

The Grandma Gatewood Memorial Hiking Trail, also known as the Buckeye Trail, is a historic trail located in the state of Ohio, United States. The trail is named after Emma Gatewood, a remarkable woman who became the first woman to hike the entire Appalachian Trail solo in 1955 at the age of 67. Her incredible feat brought her national recognition and inspired many others to take up hiking and explore the great outdoors.

The trail itself was established in 1959 by the Buckeye Trail Association, a non-profit organization dedicated to the development and maintenance of the trail system. The Grandma Gatewood Memorial Hiking Trail spans approximately 1,444 miles, making it one of the longest continuous hiking trails in Ohio. It winds through diverse landscapes, including forests, farmlands, and scenic river valleys, showcasing the natural beauty of the state.

Over the years, the trail has undergone various improvements and expansions, thanks to the efforts of dedicated volunteers and outdoor enthusiasts. It has become a popular destination for hikers, backpackers, and nature lovers, offering a unique opportunity to experience Ohio’s rich natural heritage. The Grandma Gatewood Memorial Hiking Trail stands as a testament to the pioneering spirit of Emma Gatewood and serves as a reminder of the importance of preserving and enjoying the great outdoors.

While On The Trail

Access Points

The Grandma Gatewood Memorial Hiking Trail, also known as the Buckeye Trail, is a 1,444-mile long-distance hiking trail in Ohio, United States. Here are some major access points or trailheads along the trail:

1. Eden Park Trailhead – Located in Cincinnati, this trailhead is at the southernmost point of the Grandma Gatewood Memorial Hiking Trail.

2. Caesar Creek State Park – This state park near Waynesville offers multiple access points to the trail, including the Caesar Creek Gorge Trailhead and the Pioneer Village Trailhead.

3. John Bryan State Park – Situated near Yellow Springs, this park has a trailhead that provides access to the Grandma Gatewood Memorial Hiking Trail.

4. Buck Creek State Park – Located near Springfield, this state park has a trailhead that connects to the trail.

5. Buckeye Lake State Park – Situated near Millersport, this state park offers access to the trail through its trailhead.

6. Dillon State Park – This state park near Nashport has a trailhead that connects to the Grandma Gatewood Memorial Hiking Trail.

7. Salt Fork State Park – Located near Cambridge, this state park provides access to the trail through its trailhead.

8. Seneca Lake Park – Situated near Senecaville, this park has a trailhead that connects to the Grandma Gatewood Memorial Hiking Trail.

9. Quail Hollow State Park – This state park near Hartville offers access to the trail through its trailhead.

10. Cuyahoga Valley National Park – Located between Akron and Cleveland, this national park has multiple access points to the trail, including the Boston Store Visitor Center and the Happy Days Lodge.

These are just a few of the major access points or trailheads along the Grandma Gatewood Memorial Hiking Trail. There are several other smaller access points and trailheads along the trail as well.

Transportation Available

1. Uber – On-demand ridesharing service.
2. Lyft – Ride-hailing service connecting passengers with drivers.
3. Yellow Cab – Traditional taxi service available for transportation needs.
4. Hocking Hills Shuttle – Shuttle service offering transportation to various locations in the Hocking Hills region.
5. Athens Public Transit – Public bus service serving Athens County and nearby areas.
6. Enterprise Rent-A-Car – Car rental service providing vehicles for personal transportation.
7. Hocking Valley Scenic Railway – Scenic train rides through the Hocking Valley region.
8. Columbus Greyhound Station – Bus station offering long-distance travel options.
9. Port Columbus International Airport – Nearby airport providing domestic and international flights.
10. Hocking Valley Canoe Livery – Canoe and kayak rental service for water transportation along the Hocking River.


The Grandma Gatewood Memorial Hiking Trail, also known as the Buckeye Trail, is a 1,444-mile long-distance hiking trail in Ohio, USA. While specific amenities may vary along different sections of the trail, here are some common amenities you may find:

1. Restrooms: Some sections of the trail may have restrooms available at trailheads or nearby facilities. However, it’s important to note that the trail passes through various natural areas where restrooms may not be readily available.

2. Parking: Many trailheads along the Grandma Gatewood Memorial Hiking Trail offer parking facilities for hikers. These parking areas are usually located near trail access points.

3. Camping Sites: The trail provides opportunities for camping along its route. There are designated campsites or primitive camping areas available at certain intervals. It’s advisable to check with local authorities or trail organizations for specific camping regulations and locations.

4. Picnic Areas: Some trailheads or scenic spots along the trail may have picnic areas where hikers can take a break, enjoy a meal, or have a picnic. These areas may have tables, benches, or open spaces for relaxation.

5. Water Sources: The trail passes through various natural areas, and there may be water sources such as streams, rivers, or lakes along the route. However, it’s essential to carry enough water or have a water filtration system as water availability may vary.

6. Trail Markers: The Grandma Gatewood Memorial Hiking Trail is marked with trail blazes, typically rectangular blue blazes, to help hikers navigate the trail. These markers are usually placed on trees or posts along the route.

7. Informational Signage: Along the trail, you may find informational signs providing details about the trail, its history, natural features, or points of interest. These signs can enhance the hiking experience and provide educational opportunities.

It’s important to note that the trail passes through various natural areas, including state parks, forests, and private lands. Therefore, amenities may vary, and it’s advisable to research specific sections of the trail or contact local trail organizations for more detailed information.

Nearby Services

1. Hocking Hills State Park Campground – Campground located near the trailhead, offering basic amenities and beautiful surroundings.
2. Old Man’s Cave Campground – Campground with easy access to the trail, known for its scenic views and proximity to Old Man’s Cave.
3. The Inn & Spa at Cedar Falls – Rustic inn offering comfortable accommodations, spa services, and a farm-to-table restaurant.
4. Glenlaurel Scottish Inn & Cottages – Scottish-themed inn with cozy cottages, fine dining, and a peaceful atmosphere.
5. Holiday Inn Express Logan – Convenient hotel option with modern amenities and complimentary breakfast.
6. Subway – Fast-food chain serving sandwiches and salads, located in Logan.
7. Millstone BBQ – Popular BBQ restaurant offering smoked meats, sides, and a casual dining experience.
8. Pizza Crossing – Local pizzeria serving a variety of pizzas, subs, and wings.
9. Hocking Hills Dining Lodge – Lodge-style restaurant serving American cuisine, located within Hocking Hills State Park.
10. Hocking Valley Community Hospital – Local hospital providing emergency medical services and healthcare facilities.

Grandma Gatewood Memorial Hiking Trail Difficulty Notes

The Grandma Gatewood Memorial Hiking Trail, named after the legendary hiker Emma Gatewood, presents a moderate to challenging difficulty level. Spanning approximately 144 miles through the picturesque landscapes of Ohio, this trail offers a diverse range of terrains and elevations. Hikers can expect to encounter steep ascents and descents, rocky paths, and occasional stream crossings, which require a certain level of physical fitness and endurance. However, with proper preparation and pacing, the trail can be conquered by both experienced hikers and those seeking a new challenge. The Grandma Gatewood Memorial Hiking Trail rewards adventurers with breathtaking views, serene forests, and a sense of accomplishment that pays homage to the trail’s namesake.

Features And Attractions

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The Grandma Gatewood Memorial Hiking Trail, also known as the Buckeye Trail, is a 1,444-mile trail that loops around the state of Ohio. Along this trail, you can find various scenic views, historical sites, natural landmarks, and more. Here are some notable points of interest along the Grandma Gatewood Memorial Hiking Trail:

1. Hocking Hills State Park: Known for its stunning rock formations, waterfalls, and deep gorges, this park offers breathtaking scenic views and hiking opportunities.

2. Cuyahoga Valley National Park: Located near Cleveland, this national park features beautiful forests, waterfalls, and the historic Ohio & Erie Canal. It offers a diverse range of landscapes and wildlife.

3. Wayne National Forest: Situated in southeastern Ohio, this forest offers picturesque views, rolling hills, and numerous hiking trails. It is known for its diverse flora and fauna.

4. Old Man’s Cave: Located within Hocking Hills State Park, Old Man’s Cave is a popular natural landmark featuring waterfalls, cliffs, and unique rock formations.

5. Serpent Mound: This ancient Native American effigy mound is the largest of its kind in the world. Located in Adams County, it is shaped like a serpent and is a significant historical and archaeological site.

6. Lake Erie Islands: The trail passes near Lake Erie, where you can explore the beautiful islands such as South Bass Island, Kelleys Island, and Put-in-Bay. These islands offer scenic views, beaches, and historical attractions.

7. Mohican State Park: Situated in north-central Ohio, this park is known for its dense forests, scenic trails, and the picturesque Clear Fork Gorge. It also features the iconic covered bridge, the Mohican State Park Covered Bridge.

8. Cuyahoga River: The trail follows the Cuyahoga River in parts, offering scenic views of the river and its surrounding landscapes. The river is known for its historical significance and the Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad.

9. Hopewell Culture National Historical Park: Located in Chillicothe, this park preserves the remains of ancient Native American earthworks and mounds. It provides insights into the Hopewell culture that thrived in the region thousands of years ago.

10. Burr Oak State Park: Situated in southeastern Ohio, this park offers beautiful views of Burr Oak Lake, rolling hills, and dense forests. It is a great spot for hiking, fishing, and camping.

These are just a few examples of the scenic views, historical sites, and natural landmarks you can encounter along the Grandma Gatewood Memorial Hiking Trail. The trail offers a diverse

Usage Guidelines

1. Pets are allowed on the Grandma Gatewood Memorial Hiking Trail but must be kept on a leash at all times.
2. Camping is not permitted along the trail.
3. Open fires are strictly prohibited.
4. Hikers are required to pack out all trash and leave no trace.
5. The trail is open year-round, but certain sections may be closed during winter months due to hazardous conditions.
6. Hikers are advised to check weather conditions and trail updates before embarking on the hike.
7. Overnight stays are not allowed on the trail.
8. Hikers should respect wildlife and refrain from feeding or approaching animals.
9. Hunting is not permitted along the trail.
10. Hikers are encouraged to carry sufficient water and food supplies, as there are limited facilities along the trail.
11. Hikers should stay on designated trails and avoid venturing off into restricted areas.
12. Bicycles and motorized vehicles are not allowed on the trail.
13. Hikers are advised to wear appropriate footwear and clothing for the terrain and weather conditions.
14. Hikers should be aware of their physical limitations and hike within their abilities.
15. Hikers should carry a map, compass, or GPS device for navigation purposes.
16. Hikers are encouraged to notify someone of their hiking plans and expected return time.
17. Hikers should be mindful of other trail users and yield to faster-moving hikers or trail runners.
18. Hikers should be prepared for varying trail conditions, including steep ascents and descents, rocky terrain, and potential stream crossings.
19. Hikers should be aware of potential hazards such as snakes, ticks, and poison ivy.
20. Hikers should follow all posted signs and regulations along the trail.

Seasonal Information

The Grandma Gatewood Memorial Hiking Trail, also known as the Buckeye Trail, is a scenic and historic trail that spans approximately 1,400 miles across the state of Ohio. This trail offers hikers a chance to explore the diverse landscapes of Ohio, from rolling hills to dense forests and picturesque waterways. When it comes to the best times of the year to visit this trail, it largely depends on personal preferences and the type of experience you are seeking.

Spring and fall are generally considered the best seasons to hike the Grandma Gatewood Memorial Hiking Trail. In spring, the trail comes alive with vibrant wildflowers and lush greenery. The weather is usually mild, making it pleasant for long hikes. Fall, on the other hand, offers breathtaking foliage as the leaves change colors, creating a stunning backdrop for your hike. The temperatures are cooler, making it ideal for those who prefer cooler weather and avoiding the summer crowds.

During the summer months, the trail can become quite crowded, especially in popular sections. However, if you enjoy warmer weather and don’t mind the crowds, summer can still be a great time to visit. Just be prepared for higher temperatures and the possibility of thunderstorms. Winter can be a challenging time to hike the trail, as it can be icy and snowy, making certain sections treacherous. However, if you are an experienced winter hiker and enjoy the solitude, you may find the trail to be a peaceful and serene winter wonderland.

It’s important to note that some sections of the Grandma Gatewood Memorial Hiking Trail may have seasonal closures or restrictions. This is particularly true for certain areas that pass through private property or wildlife management areas. It’s always a good idea to check with local authorities or trail organizations for any closures or restrictions before planning your hike. Additionally, some facilities along the trail, such as campgrounds or visitor centers, may have limited hours or be closed during certain seasons. Therefore, it’s advisable to plan your trip accordingly and be prepared for any closures or limited services along the trail.


1. Wheelchair Accessible Parking: Designated parking spaces close to the trailhead for easy access.
2. Paved Pathways: Smooth and level paved paths throughout the trail for wheelchair users.
3. Accessible Restrooms: Restrooms equipped with accessible features such as grab bars and wider doorways.
4. Trail Signage: Clear and visible signage with Braille and raised lettering for visually impaired hikers.
5. Benches and Rest Areas: Rest areas with benches along the trail for individuals who may need to take breaks.
6. Handrails and Guardrails: Sturdy handrails and guardrails along steep sections of the trail for added safety.
7. Accessible Picnic Areas: Picnic areas with accessible tables and seating for individuals with mobility challenges.
8. Trail Surface: A firm and stable trail surface suitable for wheelchair users and those with mobility aids.
9. Trail Width: Wide enough to accommodate wheelchairs and allow for passing.
10. Accessible Water Fountains: Water fountains at regular intervals with accessible features such as lower spouts.
11. Trail Maps: Accessible trail maps available in various formats, including large print and digital versions.
12. Assistance Animals: The trail allows for service animals to accompany individuals with disabilities.
13. Accessible Trailhead: An accessible trailhead with ramps, curb cuts, and accessible parking spaces.
14. Trail Maintenance: Regular maintenance to ensure the trail remains accessible and free from obstacles.
15. Emergency Assistance: Procedures in place to provide emergency assistance to individuals with disabilities if needed.

Safety Information

1. Plan and prepare: Research the trail, check weather conditions, and ensure you have appropriate gear and supplies.
2. Inform others: Share your hiking plans with someone reliable and provide an estimated return time.
3. Stay on the trail: Stick to the designated path to avoid getting lost or encountering hazardous areas.
4. Carry a map and compass: Familiarize yourself with the trail map and bring a compass for navigation purposes.
5. Pack essentials: Carry enough water, food, and clothing for the duration of your hike, considering the length and difficulty of the trail.
6. Wear appropriate footwear: Use sturdy hiking boots or shoes with good traction to prevent slips and falls.
7. Dress in layers: Be prepared for changing weather conditions by wearing and carrying extra clothing layers.
8. Protect yourself from the sun: Apply sunscreen, wear a hat, and use sunglasses to shield yourself from harmful UV rays.
9. Beware of wildlife: Respect the natural habitat and keep a safe distance from any wildlife you encounter.
10. Stay hydrated: Drink water regularly to prevent dehydration, especially in hot weather or during strenuous sections of the trail.
11. Take breaks: Pace yourself and rest when needed to avoid exhaustion or overexertion.
12. Be cautious of steep sections: Exercise caution when navigating steep or rocky areas to prevent slips or falls.
13. Watch for trail markers: Pay attention to trail markers, blazes, or signs to ensure you stay on the correct path.
14. Be mindful of your surroundings: Stay alert and aware of any potential hazards, such as loose rocks or unstable terrain.
15. Leave no trace: Respect the environment by packing out all trash and minimizing your impact on the trail.
16. Be prepared for emergencies: Carry a first aid kit and know basic first aid procedures in case of injuries.
17. Hike with a buddy: Whenever possible, hike with a companion for added safety and support.
18. Check for trail updates: Stay informed about any trail closures, maintenance, or safety advisories before embarking on your hike.
19. Trust your instincts: If something feels unsafe or beyond your abilities, turn back or seek an alternative route.
20. Enjoy the experience: While safety is paramount, remember to appreciate the beauty and serenity of the Grandma Gatewood Memorial Hiking Trail.

Conservation Notes

The Grandma Gatewood Memorial Hiking Trail, located in Ohio, holds a conservation status that reflects the efforts made to preserve its natural beauty and ecological integrity. The trail is managed by various organizations, including the Ohio Department of Natural Resources and the Buckeye Trail Association, who work diligently to ensure its conservation.

The conservation status of the Grandma Gatewood Memorial Hiking Trail is considered to be well-maintained and protected. The trail passes through several state parks and forests, which are actively managed to preserve the surrounding ecosystems. These areas are subject to regular monitoring and conservation practices to prevent any degradation or loss of biodiversity.

Efforts are made to control invasive species along the trail, as they can disrupt the native flora and fauna. Conservationists work to remove and manage these species to maintain the trail’s ecological balance. Additionally, erosion control measures are implemented to prevent soil erosion and protect the trail from any potential damage caused by heavy foot traffic or natural elements.

The conservation status of the Grandma Gatewood Memorial Hiking Trail is a testament to the commitment of various organizations and individuals involved in its preservation. Through their efforts, the trail continues to provide a unique and immersive experience for hikers while safeguarding the natural environment it traverses.

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