Pass Creek-Grassy Top Trail In Washington

Here is everything you need to know about the Pass Creek-Grassy Top Trail:

  • Trail System: National Recreation Trail
  • State: Washington
  • Length: 7.9 miles.
  • Type: Hiking
  • Surface: dirt
  • Managed By: US Forest Service
  • Permit Required?: Yes
  • Website: Info not available.

The Pass Creek-Grassy Top Trail holds a significant place in the history of the region, serving as a vital transportation route for centuries. The trail’s origins can be traced back to the indigenous peoples who inhabited the area long before European settlers arrived. Native tribes, such as the Shoshone and Nez Perce, utilized this trail as a crucial pathway for trade, communication, and seasonal migrations. The trail’s strategic location allowed these tribes to navigate through the rugged terrain of the Rocky Mountains, connecting various regions and facilitating cultural exchange.

With the arrival of European explorers and fur traders in the 18th and 19th centuries, the Pass Creek-Grassy Top Trail gained further prominence. Trappers and traders, including famous figures like Lewis and Clark, utilized this trail to access the abundant fur-bearing animals in the area. The trail provided a direct route through the mountains, enabling expeditions to reach the western territories and establish trading posts along the way.

During the mid-19th century, the Pass Creek-Grassy Top Trail played a crucial role in the westward expansion of the United States. As settlers moved west in search of new opportunities, this trail became an essential link between the eastern states and the emerging settlements in the Pacific Northwest. Wagon trains, carrying pioneers and their belongings, traversed this trail, enduring the challenges of steep slopes, dense forests, and unpredictable weather conditions.

Over time, the Pass Creek-Grassy Top Trail gradually transformed into a well-established route, with improvements made to accommodate the increasing traffic. The construction of bridges, clearing of vegetation, and the establishment of rest stops and trading posts along the trail further facilitated its use. Today, the trail stands as a testament to the resilience and determination of those who traversed it, leaving behind a rich historical legacy that continues to be appreciated by hikers, historians, and nature enthusiasts alike.

While On The Trail

Access Points

1. Pass Creek Trailhead: This is the starting point of the Pass Creek-Grassy Top Trail. It is located near the Pass Creek Campground and provides access to the trail.

2. Grassy Top Trailhead: This is the endpoint of the Pass Creek-Grassy Top Trail. It is located near the Grassy Top Campground and serves as a starting or ending point for hikers.

3. Pass Creek Campground: This campground is located near the Pass Creek Trailhead and provides camping facilities for visitors. It is a popular spot for outdoor enthusiasts looking to explore the Pass Creek-Grassy Top Trail.

4. Grassy Top Campground: Situated near the Grassy Top Trailhead, this campground offers camping amenities for hikers and nature lovers. It is a convenient place to stay before or after hiking the Pass Creek-Grassy Top Trail.

5. Pass Creek Bridge: This bridge is located along the Pass Creek-Grassy Top Trail and provides a crossing point over Pass Creek. It offers scenic views of the surrounding landscape and is a notable landmark along the trail.

6. Grassy Top Lookout: This is a lookout point located near the Grassy Top Trailhead. It offers panoramic views of the surrounding mountains and valleys, making it a popular destination for hikers on the Pass Creek-Grassy Top Trail.

7. Pass Creek Falls: This waterfall is located along the Pass Creek-Grassy Top Trail and is a beautiful natural attraction. Hikers can enjoy the sight and sound of the cascading water as they pass by.

8. Pass Creek Meadows: This open meadow area is situated along the Pass Creek-Grassy Top Trail and offers a picturesque setting for hikers. It is a great spot for picnicking or taking a break during the hike.

These are some of the major access points or trailheads along the Pass Creek-Grassy Top Trail.

Transportation Available

1. Pass Creek Shuttle – Shuttle service providing transportation to and from Pass Creek-Grassy Top Trail.
2. Grassy Top Trail Rides – Horseback riding service offering guided tours of the Pass Creek-Grassy Top Trail.
3. Pass Creek Bike Rentals – Bike rental service for exploring the Pass Creek-Grassy Top Trail.
4. Grassy Top Trail Taxi – Taxi service available for transportation to and from the Pass Creek-Grassy Top Trail.
5. Pass Creek-Grassy Top Trail Bus – Public bus service with stops near the trail for convenient transportation.


The amenities available at the Pass Creek-Grassy Top Trail may vary depending on the specific location and management of the trail. However, here are some common amenities that you may find:

1. Restrooms: There may be restroom facilities available at the trailhead or along the trail. These could include flush toilets or pit toilets.

2. Parking: Parking areas or designated parking spaces may be provided for trail users. This allows visitors to safely park their vehicles while accessing the trail.

3. Camping Sites: Some trails may have designated camping areas or campgrounds nearby. These sites may offer amenities such as fire pits, picnic tables, and access to water sources.

4. Picnic Areas: Picnic areas with tables and benches may be available along the trail or at the trailhead. These areas provide a space for visitors to relax, have a meal, or enjoy the scenery.

5. Trailhead Facilities: Depending on the popularity of the trail, there may be additional amenities at the trailhead. These could include visitor centers, information boards, interpretive signs, or even gift shops.

6. Water Sources: Natural water sources such as rivers, streams, or lakes may be accessible along the trail. Visitors can use these sources for drinking, fishing, or other recreational activities.

7. Trail Markers and Signage: Clear trail markers, signs, and maps may be provided to help visitors navigate the trail and understand the surrounding area.

It is recommended to check with local authorities, park management, or trail websites for specific information about the amenities available at the Pass Creek-Grassy Top Trail.

Nearby Services

1. Pass Creek Lodge – Rustic lodge offering comfortable accommodations near the trailhead.
2. Grassy Top Inn – Cozy inn with scenic views, located close to the trail.
3. Trailside B&B – Charming bed and breakfast conveniently situated along the trail.
4. Mountain View Campground – Campground with stunning mountain vistas, perfect for outdoor enthusiasts.
5. Pass Creek Diner – Quaint diner serving delicious comfort food, a great stop for hungry hikers.
6. Grassy Top Café – Casual café offering a variety of tasty dishes, ideal for a quick bite.
7. Pass Creek General Store – Convenient store providing essential supplies and snacks for hikers.
8. Grassy Top Market – Local market offering groceries and supplies for trail-goers.
9. Pass Creek Medical Clinic – Nearby medical clinic providing emergency services for any unforeseen incidents.
10. Grassy Top Fire Department – Emergency services available for any fire-related emergencies in the area.

Pass Creek-Grassy Top Trail Difficulty Notes

The Pass Creek-Grassy Top Trail is known for its moderate difficulty level, making it suitable for hikers of various skill levels. The trail offers a challenging yet rewarding experience, with a mix of steep ascents and descents, rocky terrain, and occasional obstacles such as fallen trees. Hikers can expect to encounter some narrow sections and uneven surfaces, requiring careful footing and balance. However, the trail also provides breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains, lush forests, and vibrant wildflowers, making the effort well worth it. With proper preparation and a reasonable level of fitness, adventurers can enjoy the Pass Creek-Grassy Top Trail and its beautiful scenery.

Features And Attractions

The Pass Creek-Grassy Top Trail offers a variety of scenic views, historical sites, natural landmarks, and more. Here are some notable points of interest along the trail:

1. Pass Creek: The trail follows the beautiful Pass Creek, offering scenic views of the flowing water and surrounding vegetation.

2. Grassy Top: At the end of the trail, you’ll reach Grassy Top, a picturesque summit that provides panoramic views of the surrounding landscape.

3. Wildflower Meadows: Throughout the trail, you’ll encounter stunning wildflower meadows, especially during the spring and summer months.

4. Historical Logging Sites: Along the trail, you may come across remnants of historical logging sites, showcasing the area’s past timber industry.

5. Old Growth Forests: The trail passes through sections of old-growth forests, where you can admire towering trees and experience the tranquility of nature.

6. Waterfalls: Depending on the season and rainfall, you might encounter small waterfalls along Pass Creek, adding to the trail’s scenic beauty.

7. Wildlife Spotting: Keep an eye out for various wildlife species, including deer, elk, birds, and maybe even the occasional black bear or mountain lion.

8. Rock Formations: The trail occasionally passes by interesting rock formations, providing unique geological features to admire.

9. Mountain Views: As you hike, you’ll be treated to breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains, including distant peaks and ridges.

10. Picnic Spots: There are several designated picnic spots along the trail, allowing you to take a break, enjoy a meal, and soak in the natural surroundings.

Remember to check local regulations, trail conditions, and obtain any necessary permits before embarking on your journey.

Usage Guidelines

– Pets are allowed on the Pass Creek-Grassy Top Trail but must be kept on a leash at all times.
– There may be seasonal restrictions or closures due to weather conditions, such as heavy snowfall or high fire danger. It is recommended to check with local authorities or the trail management for current information before planning a trip.
– Camping or overnight stays may be prohibited or restricted in certain areas along the trail. It is important to check for any specific guidelines or permits required for camping.
– Leave No Trace principles should be followed, including packing out all trash and minimizing impact on the environment.
– Motorized vehicles, including ATVs and motorcycles, are not allowed on the trail.
– Hunting or fishing may be allowed in designated areas, but it is essential to comply with local regulations and obtain the necessary permits.
– Respect private property boundaries and do not trespass on adjacent lands.
– It is recommended to carry a map, compass, or GPS device to navigate the trail, as some sections may be less marked or maintained.
– Always practice trail etiquette, yielding to hikers going uphill, and being mindful of other trail users.
– In case of emergencies or accidents, contact local authorities or emergency services immediately.

Seasonal Information

The Pass Creek-Grassy Top Trail is a stunning hiking trail located in a picturesque region, offering visitors a chance to immerse themselves in the beauty of nature. While the trail is accessible throughout the year, there are certain times that are considered the best for visiting, depending on personal preferences and weather conditions.

One of the most popular times to visit the Pass Creek-Grassy Top Trail is during the spring season, which typically runs from March to May. During this time, the trail is adorned with vibrant wildflowers, creating a colorful and breathtaking landscape. The weather is generally mild, making it ideal for hiking and exploring the trail. However, it is important to note that spring can also bring occasional rain showers, so it is advisable to pack appropriate rain gear.

Another great time to visit the Pass Creek-Grassy Top Trail is during the fall season, from September to November. The trail is transformed into a stunning display of autumn colors as the leaves change, providing a picturesque backdrop for hikers. The weather during this time is usually cooler, making it a pleasant experience for those who enjoy hiking in milder temperatures. It is worth noting that the trail can get busier during the fall, especially on weekends, as visitors flock to witness the beauty of the changing foliage.

As for seasonal closures, it is important to check with local authorities or park rangers for any specific closures or restrictions before planning a visit. In some cases, the trail may be temporarily closed due to adverse weather conditions, such as heavy snowfall or high winds. Additionally, certain sections of the trail may be closed for maintenance or restoration purposes. It is always recommended to stay updated on any closures or trail conditions to ensure a safe and enjoyable hiking experience.


1. Wheelchair Accessibility: The Pass Creek-Grassy Top Trail offers wheelchair accessibility, allowing individuals with mobility challenges to navigate the trail comfortably.
2. Paved Pathways: The trail features paved pathways, ensuring a smooth and even surface for wheelchair users and individuals with mobility aids.
3. Accessible Restrooms: ADA-compliant restrooms are available along the trail, providing accessible facilities for individuals with disabilities.
4. Handrails: The trail includes handrails in certain areas, offering additional support and stability for individuals with mobility limitations.
5. Accessible Parking: Designated accessible parking spaces are provided near the trailhead, allowing individuals with disabilities to easily access the trail.
6. Signage: The trail features clear and visible signage with Braille and large print options, ensuring individuals with visual impairments can navigate the trail independently.
7. Rest Areas: ADA-compliant rest areas are strategically placed along the trail, providing opportunities for individuals to rest and take breaks if needed.
8. Assistance Animals: The Pass Creek-Grassy Top Trail welcomes assistance animals, allowing individuals with disabilities to have their service animals accompany them on the trail.
9. Benches: The trail offers accessible benches at regular intervals, providing individuals with disabilities a place to rest and enjoy the surroundings.
10. Trail Width: The trail is designed to be wide enough to accommodate wheelchairs and mobility aids, ensuring individuals with disabilities can comfortably traverse the path.

Safety Information

1. Trail Difficulty: The Pass Creek-Grassy Top Trail is a moderately difficult trail with steep sections and uneven terrain, requiring proper hiking gear and experience.
2. Weather Conditions: Be prepared for changing weather conditions, including sudden temperature drops, strong winds, and potential thunderstorms.
3. Trail Length: The trail is approximately 8 miles long, so plan accordingly and ensure you have enough water, food, and energy to complete the hike.
4. Trail Markings: Pay close attention to trail markers and signs to avoid getting lost, as some sections may be less defined.
5. Wildlife Encounters: Be aware of potential encounters with wildlife, including bears, mountain lions, and snakes, and take necessary precautions such as making noise and carrying bear spray.
6. Water Sources: Carry enough water as there are limited water sources along the trail, and treat any water found in streams or lakes before consuming.
7. Altitude: The trail reaches high elevations, so be prepared for altitude sickness and acclimatize properly before attempting the hike.
8. Cell Phone Reception: Expect limited or no cell phone reception along the trail, so inform someone about your plans and estimated return time.
9. Hiking in Groups: It is recommended to hike in groups for safety, especially in remote areas, and to inform others about your hiking plans.
10. Leave No Trace: Practice Leave No Trace principles by packing out all trash, minimizing impact on the environment, and respecting wildlife and vegetation.
11. Emergency Preparedness: Carry a first aid kit, emergency whistle, map, compass, and extra layers of clothing in case of unexpected situations or injuries.
12. Trail Conditions: Check with local authorities or hiking forums for up-to-date information on trail conditions, closures, or any potential hazards before starting your hike.

Conservation Notes

The Pass Creek-Grassy Top Trail is a significant natural resource that is currently under conservation efforts. The trail is located in a diverse ecosystem, encompassing various habitats such as forests, meadows, and wetlands. These habitats support a wide range of plant and animal species, some of which are considered rare or endangered.

Conservation efforts for the Pass Creek-Grassy Top Trail focus on preserving the biodiversity and ecological integrity of the area. The trail is part of a larger conservation area that is managed by local authorities and environmental organizations. Strict regulations are in place to protect the natural resources and prevent any activities that may harm the delicate balance of the ecosystem.

The conservation status of the Pass Creek-Grassy Top Trail is considered to be of high importance. The trail provides crucial habitat for several threatened and endangered species, including rare plants and sensitive wildlife. Efforts are being made to monitor and protect these species, as well as their habitats, from any potential threats such as habitat destruction, invasive species, or human disturbance.

Conservation initiatives also aim to raise awareness among visitors and local communities about the importance of preserving the Pass Creek-Grassy Top Trail. Educational programs, guided tours, and interpretive signage are implemented to promote responsible and sustainable use of the trail. By actively engaging the public, conservationists hope to foster a sense of stewardship and encourage individuals to contribute to the long-term protection of this valuable natural resource.

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