Settles Bridge Park Trails In Georgia

Here is everything you need to know about the Settles Bridge Park Trails:

  • Trail System: National Recreation Trail
  • State: Georgia
  • Length: 4.5 miles.
  • Type: Multi-use.
  • Surface: Dirt
  • Managed By: Forsyth County Parks and Recreation Department
  • Permit Required?: No
  • Website:

Settles Bridge Park Trails, located in Suwanee, Georgia, hold a significant historical value that dates back to the early 19th century. The park itself is named after the Settles family, who were among the first settlers in the area. The trails within the park were once part of an important transportation route known as the Old Peachtree Road.

The Old Peachtree Road, established in the early 1800s, served as a vital link between the growing communities of Atlanta and Lawrenceville. It was a major thoroughfare for farmers, traders, and travelers, facilitating the transportation of goods and connecting the region’s economy. The road played a crucial role in the development and expansion of the surrounding towns and cities.

Over time, as the area underwent urbanization and the need for improved transportation arose, the Old Peachtree Road gradually fell into disuse. However, the historical significance of this route was recognized, and efforts were made to preserve and restore parts of it. Settles Bridge Park Trails now encompass a section of the Old Peachtree Road, allowing visitors to experience a glimpse of the past and appreciate the historical importance of this once-bustling route.

Today, the Settles Bridge Park Trails offer a unique opportunity for hikers, nature enthusiasts, and history buffs to explore the remnants of the Old Peachtree Road. As visitors traverse the trails, they can imagine the wagons, horses, and pedestrians that once traveled along this path, contributing to the growth and development of the region. The preservation of these trails serves as a reminder of the rich history and heritage of Suwanee, Georgia, and the role it played in the early days of settlement and commerce.

While On The Trail

Access Points

1. Settles Bridge Park Trailhead: This is the main access point for the Settles Bridge Park Trails. It is located within Settles Bridge Park and provides parking facilities and amenities.

2. Riverside Trailhead: This access point is located near the Chattahoochee River and provides access to the Riverside Trail, which is a popular trail within Settles Bridge Park.

3. Bridge Trailhead: This access point is located near the iconic Settles Bridge and provides access to the Bridge Trail, which offers scenic views of the river and the bridge.

4. Woodland Trailhead: This access point is located within the wooded area of Settles Bridge Park and provides access to the Woodland Trail, which offers a more secluded and nature-filled hiking experience.

5. Overlook Trailhead: This access point is located near an overlook area within Settles Bridge Park and provides access to the Overlook Trail, which offers panoramic views of the surrounding landscape.

6. Connector Trailhead: This access point is located at the intersection of multiple trails within Settles Bridge Park and provides access to various interconnected trails, allowing hikers to explore different parts of the park.

7. Picnic Area Trailhead: This access point is located near the picnic area within Settles Bridge Park and provides access to trails that pass through the park’s picnic area, allowing hikers to combine their outdoor activities with a picnic.

8. Playground Trailhead: This access point is located near the playground area within Settles Bridge Park and provides access to trails that pass through the park’s playground area, making it convenient for families with children to enjoy both hiking and playtime.

Note: The names of the trailheads may vary, and there might be additional access points or trailheads within Settles Bridge Park Trails. It is always recommended to check the park’s official website or maps for the most accurate and up-to-date information.

Transportation Available

1. Uber – On-demand ridesharing service.
2. Lyft – Ride-hailing service connecting passengers with drivers.
3. Taxi – Traditional taxi service for convenient transportation.
4. MARTA – Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority offering bus and rail services in the Atlanta area.
5. Lime – Electric scooter and bike-sharing service for short-distance travel.
6. Bird – Electric scooter rental service for quick and eco-friendly transportation.
7. Zipcar – Car-sharing service providing access to vehicles on an hourly or daily basis.
8. Enterprise Rent-A-Car – Car rental service with a wide range of vehicle options.
9. Greyhound – Intercity bus service connecting various destinations.
10. Gwinnett County Transit – Public bus service operating in Gwinnett County, Georgia.


The amenities available at Settles Bridge Park Trails include:

1. Restrooms: There are restroom facilities available for visitors to use.

2. Parking: The park offers parking spaces for visitors’ vehicles.

3. Camping Sites: Settles Bridge Park does not have designated camping sites. However, there may be nearby campgrounds or facilities for camping in the vicinity.

4. Picnic Areas: The park features picnic areas where visitors can enjoy outdoor meals and gatherings.

5. Playground: There is a playground area for children to enjoy.

6. Sports Fields: Settles Bridge Park has sports fields for various activities such as soccer, baseball, and softball.

7. Walking/Jogging Trails: The park offers walking and jogging trails for visitors to enjoy outdoor exercise.

8. Fishing: There are fishing opportunities available at the park’s lake or nearby Chattahoochee River.

9. Dog Park: Settles Bridge Park has a designated area for dogs to play and socialize.

10. Nature Observation: Visitors can explore the park’s natural surroundings and observe wildlife.

Please note that amenities may be subject to change or have specific rules and regulations. It is advisable to check with the park authorities for the most up-to-date information.

Nearby Services

1. Lodging:
– Hampton Inn & Suites Atlanta/Duluth/Gwinnett County – Comfortable hotel with modern amenities located nearby.
– Courtyard by Marriott Atlanta Duluth/Gwinnett Place – Convenient hotel offering a relaxing stay close to Settles Bridge Park Trails.
– Residence Inn by Marriott Atlanta Duluth/Gwinnett Place – Extended-stay hotel providing spacious suites for a comfortable stay.

2. Food Services:
– Marlow’s Tavern – Lively neighborhood tavern serving American cuisine and drinks.
– Uncle Jack’s Meat House – Rustic steakhouse offering a variety of meat dishes and a full bar.
– Taqueria del Mar – Casual Mexican eatery serving tacos, burritos, and other traditional dishes.

3. Emergency Services:
– Northside Hospital Duluth – Full-service hospital providing emergency medical care.
– Gwinnett County Fire Station 10 – Local fire station offering emergency response services.
– Gwinnett County Police Department – Law enforcement agency ensuring public safety in the area.

Settles Bridge Park Trails Difficulty Notes

The Settles Bridge Park Trails offer a moderate difficulty level for hikers and outdoor enthusiasts. The trails consist of well-maintained paths that wind through the picturesque woodlands and along the banks of the Chattahoochee River. While some sections may have slight inclines and uneven terrain, they are generally accessible for individuals of various fitness levels. The trails provide a great opportunity for a leisurely stroll or a more challenging hike, making them suitable for both beginners and experienced hikers. With beautiful scenery and a manageable level of difficulty, the Settles Bridge Park Trails offer an enjoyable outdoor experience for all.

Features And Attractions

Info not available.

Usage Guidelines

1. Dogs must be kept on a leash at all times.
2. Clean up after your pets and dispose of waste properly.
3. Bicycles are allowed on designated trails only.
4. No motorized vehicles are allowed on the trails.
5. Stay on designated trails and do not venture off into restricted areas.
6. No camping or overnight stays are permitted.
7. Fires and open flames are strictly prohibited.
8. Respect seasonal restrictions, such as closures during hunting seasons.
9. Do not litter and help keep the trails clean.
10. Follow all posted signs and instructions from park staff.
11. Be mindful of other trail users and yield to pedestrians.
12. Use caution and be aware of potential hazards on the trails.
13. No hunting or trapping is allowed within the park boundaries.
14. Fishing is allowed in designated areas only and requires a valid fishing license.
15. Swimming or wading in the park’s water bodies is not permitted.
16. Alcohol consumption is prohibited within the park.
17. No amplified music or excessive noise that may disturb other visitors.
18. Do not disturb or harm wildlife or plant life within the park.
19. Respect the natural environment and leave no trace of your visit.
20. Park hours are from sunrise to sunset.

Seasonal Information

Settles Bridge Park Trails, located in Suwanee, Georgia, offer a picturesque and serene escape for outdoor enthusiasts. The best times of the year to visit these trails largely depend on personal preferences and the type of experience you seek. However, the spring and fall seasons are generally considered the most favorable for exploring the park.

In spring, the trails come alive with vibrant colors as wildflowers bloom and trees regain their lush foliage. The weather is usually mild and pleasant, making it an ideal time for hiking, jogging, or simply enjoying a leisurely stroll. The park’s natural beauty is at its peak during this time, providing a refreshing and rejuvenating experience for visitors.

Similarly, fall is another fantastic time to visit Settles Bridge Park Trails. As the leaves change into brilliant shades of red, orange, and yellow, the trails transform into a breathtaking autumn wonderland. The crisp air and cooler temperatures make hiking or biking through the park a delightful experience. Fall also offers the opportunity to witness migratory birds passing through the area, adding an extra touch of natural beauty to your visit.

It’s important to note that Settles Bridge Park Trails may have seasonal closures or restrictions. During the winter months, some trails may be temporarily closed due to inclement weather or maintenance work. It’s advisable to check the park’s official website or contact the local authorities for up-to-date information on trail closures and conditions.

Overall, whether you choose to visit Settles Bridge Park Trails in the vibrant spring or the enchanting fall, you are sure to be captivated by the park’s natural splendor and tranquility.


1. Paved Trails: The park offers paved trails that are wheelchair accessible, allowing individuals with mobility challenges to navigate the park easily.
2. Accessible Parking: Settles Bridge Park provides designated accessible parking spaces close to the trail entrances, ensuring convenient access for individuals with disabilities.
3. Accessible Restrooms: The park features accessible restrooms equipped with grab bars, wider doorways, and other amenities to accommodate individuals with disabilities.
4. Wheelchair-Friendly Picnic Areas: Settles Bridge Park offers picnic areas with accessible tables and seating, allowing wheelchair users to enjoy outdoor dining comfortably.
5. Accessible Playground: The park includes an accessible playground with features designed to accommodate children with disabilities, ensuring an inclusive play environment.
6. Accessible Fishing Pier: Settles Bridge Park provides an accessible fishing pier, allowing individuals with disabilities to enjoy fishing activities with ease.
7. Braille and Tactile Signage: The park features braille and tactile signage throughout the trails, providing individuals with visual impairments necessary information and directions.
8. Service Animal Accommodations: Settles Bridge Park welcomes service animals and provides accommodations such as waste disposal stations and accessible pathways for their convenience.
9. Accessible Water Fountains: The park offers accessible water fountains at various locations, designed to accommodate individuals with disabilities.
10. Benches and Rest Areas: Settles Bridge Park provides accessible benches and rest areas along the trails, allowing individuals with mobility challenges to take breaks and enjoy the surroundings comfortably.

Safety Information

When visiting the Settles Bridge Park Trails, it is important to keep the following safety information in mind:

1. Stay on designated trails: Stick to the marked trails and avoid venturing off into unmarked areas. This will help prevent getting lost or encountering hazardous conditions.

2. Wear appropriate footwear: Choose sturdy and comfortable footwear suitable for hiking or walking on uneven terrain. This will provide better grip and reduce the risk of slipping or falling.

3. Dress appropriately: Dress in layers and wear weather-appropriate clothing. Consider wearing long pants and sleeves to protect against ticks, poison ivy, or other potential hazards.

4. Carry water and stay hydrated: Bring an adequate supply of water to stay hydrated throughout your visit. Dehydration can lead to fatigue and other health issues.

5. Use sunscreen and insect repellent: Apply sunscreen with a high SPF to protect your skin from harmful UV rays. Additionally, use insect repellent to prevent mosquito bites and potential diseases.

6. Be aware of wildlife: While enjoying the trails, be mindful of the presence of wildlife. Maintain a safe distance and avoid feeding or approaching animals. If you encounter a potentially dangerous animal, such as a snake, give it space and slowly back away.

7. Stay alert and aware of your surroundings: Keep an eye out for any potential hazards, such as loose rocks, tree roots, or slippery surfaces. Pay attention to trail markers and signs to avoid getting lost.

8. Hike with a buddy or inform someone: If possible, hike with a companion or let someone know about your plans, including the estimated duration of your visit. This ensures that someone is aware of your whereabouts in case of an emergency.

9. Carry a first aid kit: It is always a good idea to have a basic first aid kit with you. Include items such as band-aids, antiseptic wipes, pain relievers, and any necessary personal medications.

10. Leave no trace: Respect the environment and leave no trace of your visit. Dispose of trash properly and avoid damaging plants or wildlife. Help preserve the beauty of the trails for future visitors.

Remember, safety should always be a priority when enjoying outdoor activities. By following these guidelines, you can have a safe and enjoyable experience at the Settles Bridge Park Trails.

Conservation Notes

The Settles Bridge Park Trails, located in Suwanee, Georgia, have a conservation status that reflects the efforts made to protect and preserve the natural environment within the park. These trails are considered to be in good conservation status due to the ongoing conservation initiatives implemented by the local authorities and park management.

One of the key aspects contributing to the positive conservation status of the Settles Bridge Park Trails is the strict adherence to trail maintenance practices. Regular inspections and maintenance activities are carried out to ensure that the trails remain in good condition while minimizing any negative impact on the surrounding ecosystem. This includes repairing erosion damage, removing fallen trees or debris, and preventing the spread of invasive plant species.

Furthermore, the park management has implemented measures to promote responsible trail usage and environmental education. Visitors are encouraged to stay on designated trails, minimizing the disturbance to sensitive habitats and wildlife. Educational signage is also placed along the trails, providing information about the local flora and fauna, as well as the importance of conservation and environmental stewardship.

In conclusion, the Settles Bridge Park Trails have a commendable conservation status, thanks to the ongoing efforts to maintain and protect the natural environment. The combination of trail maintenance practices and educational initiatives ensures that these trails can be enjoyed by visitors while preserving the ecological integrity of the area.

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