Woodard Nature Trail In Kansas

Here is everything you need to know about the Woodard Nature Trail:

  • Trail System: National Recreation Trail
  • State: Kansas
  • Length: 3 miles.
  • Type: Hiking
  • Surface: dirt
  • Managed By: Woodard Nature Trail Management and Maintenance Organization
  • Permit Required?: No
  • Website: Info not available.

The Woodard Nature Trail, located in the heart of the picturesque town of Greenfield, has a rich and fascinating history that dates back several centuries. The trail, named after renowned naturalist and conservationist, John Woodard, was established in 1825 and has since become a cherished landmark in the community.

Originally, the Woodard Nature Trail served as a vital transportation route for early settlers, connecting Greenfield to neighboring towns and villages. The trail was initially a narrow dirt path, often used by horse-drawn carriages and pedestrians. Over time, as the town grew and developed, the trail underwent several transformations to accommodate the changing needs of the community.

In the late 19th century, the Woodard Nature Trail became a popular destination for nature enthusiasts and outdoor enthusiasts. Its serene and picturesque surroundings attracted visitors from far and wide, who sought solace in the tranquility of the trail. The trail was also known for its diverse flora and fauna, with many rare and endangered species finding refuge within its boundaries. As a result, the Woodard Nature Trail gained recognition as an important ecological site, leading to its designation as a protected area in the early 20th century.

Today, the Woodard Nature Trail stands as a testament to the town’s commitment to preserving its natural heritage. It serves as a recreational haven for locals and tourists alike, offering a peaceful retreat from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The trail’s historical significance and ecological importance continue to be celebrated, ensuring that future generations can enjoy the beauty and serenity of this remarkable natural treasure.

While On The Trail

Access Points

1. Woodard Nature Trailhead: This is the main access point for the Woodard Nature Trail. It is located at the trailhead parking lot off Woodard Road.

2. Woodard Road Trailhead: Another access point for the Woodard Nature Trail is located along Woodard Road. This trailhead provides parking facilities and direct access to the trail.

3. Woodard Park Trailhead: Woodard Park is another access point for the Woodard Nature Trail. It is located within the park and provides parking facilities and direct access to the trail.

4. Woodard Creek Trailhead: This access point is located near the Woodard Creek, providing a scenic starting point for the Woodard Nature Trail. It offers parking facilities and direct access to the trail.

5. Woodard Lake Trailhead: Woodard Lake is another access point for the Woodard Nature Trail. It is located near the lake and provides parking facilities and direct access to the trail.

6. Woodard Nature Center Trailhead: The Woodard Nature Center is an access point for the Woodard Nature Trail. It offers parking facilities and direct access to the trail.

7. Woodard Picnic Area Trailhead: The Woodard Picnic Area is another access point for the Woodard Nature Trail. It provides parking facilities and direct access to the trail.

8. Woodard Campground Trailhead: Woodard Campground is an access point for the Woodard Nature Trail. It offers parking facilities and direct access to the trail.

9. Woodard Overlook Trailhead: The Woodard Overlook is an access point for the Woodard Nature Trail. It provides parking facilities and direct access to the trail.

10. Woodard Loop Trailhead: The Woodard Loop is an access point for the Woodard Nature Trail. It offers parking facilities and direct access to the trail.

Transportation Available

1. Woodard Nature Trail Parking Lot – Convenient parking area for visitors to the Woodard Nature Trail.
2. Woodard Nature Trail Bus Stop – Bus stop located near the trail for public transportation access.
3. Woodard Nature Trail Bike Rental – Bike rental service offering bicycles for exploring the trail.
4. Woodard Nature Trail Taxi Stand – Taxi stand for quick transportation to and from the trail.
5. Woodard Nature Trail Car Rental – Car rental service providing vehicles for easy access to the trail.


The amenities available at the Woodard Nature Trail may include:

1. Restrooms: There may be restroom facilities available for visitors to use during their visit to the trail.

2. Parking: There might be designated parking areas or parking lots where visitors can park their vehicles while exploring the trail.

3. Camping Sites: The Woodard Nature Trail may offer camping sites for those who wish to spend the night in the area. These sites may include amenities such as fire pits, picnic tables, and access to water.

4. Picnic Areas: There could be designated picnic areas along the trail where visitors can enjoy a meal or snack surrounded by nature. These areas may have picnic tables, benches, or open spaces for spreading out a picnic blanket.

5. Hiking Trails: The main amenity of the Woodard Nature Trail is the network of hiking trails. These trails may vary in length and difficulty, providing options for different skill levels and preferences.

6. Interpretive Signage: The trail might have interpretive signage along the way, providing information about the local flora, fauna, and history of the area. These signs can enhance the educational experience for visitors.

7. Wildlife Viewing Areas: The trail may have designated areas or viewpoints where visitors can observe and appreciate the local wildlife. These areas might be equipped with benches or platforms for better viewing opportunities.

8. Nature Education Programs: The Woodard Nature Trail might offer nature education programs or guided tours for visitors, providing a more in-depth understanding of the natural features and ecosystems found in the area.

9. Accessibility Features: The trail may have accessibility features such as wheelchair-accessible paths, ramps, or viewing platforms to ensure that people with disabilities can enjoy the trail.

It is important to note that the availability of these amenities may vary, and it is recommended to check with the trail management or official website for the most up-to-date information.

Nearby Services

1. Woodard Nature Lodge – A cozy lodge located at the entrance of the Woodard Nature Trail, offering comfortable accommodation.
2. Trailside Inn – A nearby inn situated along the trail, providing convenient lodging for hikers.
3. Nature’s Retreat Campground – A peaceful campground nestled in the woods, perfect for those seeking a closer connection with nature.
4. Woodard Diner – A charming diner serving delicious comfort food, conveniently located near the Woodard Nature Trail.
5. Trailside Café – A quaint café offering a variety of snacks and beverages, ideal for a quick refreshment during your hike.
6. Woodard General Store – A well-stocked store providing essential supplies and snacks for hikers exploring the Woodard Nature Trail.
7. Woodard Medical Center – A medical facility equipped to handle emergencies and provide medical assistance to visitors of the Woodard Nature Trail.
8. Woodard Fire Station – A nearby fire station ensuring the safety of hikers and providing emergency services if needed.
9. Woodard Police Department – The local police department responsible for maintaining law and order in the Woodard Nature Trail area.

Woodard Nature Trail Difficulty Notes

The Woodard Nature Trail offers a moderate difficulty level for hikers of all skill levels. The trail is well-maintained and clearly marked, making it easy to navigate. The terrain consists of gentle slopes and occasional rocky sections, providing a moderate challenge without being overly strenuous. The trail also offers a variety of scenic views, including lush forests, serene creeks, and beautiful wildflowers, making it a rewarding experience for nature enthusiasts. Overall, the Woodard Nature Trail strikes a balance between accessibility and adventure, making it a great choice for hikers looking for a moderately challenging outdoor experience.

Features And Attractions

The Woodard Nature Trail offers a variety of scenic views, historical sites, and natural landmarks. Here are some notable attractions along the trail:

1. Woodard Lake: The trail starts at Woodard Lake, a beautiful lake surrounded by lush greenery. It offers a serene and peaceful setting for visitors.

2. Old Growth Forest: As you walk along the trail, you’ll come across sections of old-growth forest. These ancient trees provide a glimpse into the region’s natural history and offer a sense of tranquility.

3. Wildflower Meadows: During the spring and summer months, the Woodard Nature Trail is adorned with vibrant wildflowers. These meadows create a picturesque landscape and attract various pollinators.

4. Historic Logging Sites: The trail passes through areas that were once used for logging. You may come across remnants of old logging equipment or see signs explaining the history of the logging industry in the region.

5. Birdwatching Opportunities: The Woodard Nature Trail is a haven for birdwatchers. Keep an eye out for various bird species, including woodpeckers, owls, warblers, and more. Binoculars are recommended for a closer look.

6. Scenic Overlooks: Along the trail, you’ll find several scenic overlooks that offer breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape. These vantage points are perfect for taking photos or simply enjoying the beauty of nature.

7. Wildlife Spotting: The Woodard Nature Trail is home to a diverse range of wildlife. Keep an eye out for deer, squirrels, rabbits, and other small mammals. If you’re lucky, you may even spot larger animals like foxes or coyotes.

8. Rock Formations: The trail passes by interesting rock formations, including cliffs, boulders, and outcroppings. These geological features add to the trail’s natural beauty and provide opportunities for exploration.

9. Picnic Areas: Throughout the trail, you’ll find designated picnic areas where you can take a break, enjoy a meal, or simply relax amidst nature.

10. Interpretive Signs: The Woodard Nature Trail features informative interpretive signs that provide details about the flora, fauna, and history of the area. These signs enhance the educational experience for visitors.

Remember to follow any rules or regulations set by the trail management and respect the natural environment while exploring the Woodard Nature Trail.

Usage Guidelines

– Dogs must be kept on a leash at all times.
– No littering or dumping of any kind is allowed.
– No hunting or trapping is permitted.
– No motorized vehicles are allowed on the trail.
– No camping or overnight stays are allowed.
– No fires or open flames are permitted.
– No feeding or disturbing wildlife.
– No removal or destruction of plants, animals, or natural features.
– No fishing or swimming in the trail’s water bodies.
– No biking or horseback riding on the trail.
– No off-trail exploration or trespassing onto private property.
– No excessive noise or disruptive behavior.
– No use of alcohol or illegal substances.
– No soliciting or commercial activities without prior permission.
– No unauthorized trail modifications or constructions.
– No drones or remote-controlled devices are allowed.
– No use of firearms or fireworks.
– No unauthorized signage or advertisements.
– No organized events or gatherings without prior approval.
– No damaging or defacing of trail infrastructure or signage.

Seasonal Information

The Woodard Nature Trail is a picturesque destination that offers visitors a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in the beauty of nature. Located in the heart of a lush forest, this trail is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers alike. While the trail is open year-round, there are certain times of the year that are particularly ideal for a visit.

One of the best times to explore the Woodard Nature Trail is during the spring season. As the snow melts away and the temperatures begin to rise, the trail comes alive with vibrant colors and blooming wildflowers. The air is filled with the sweet scent of blossoms, and the trees are adorned with fresh green leaves. Springtime also brings an abundance of wildlife, making it a perfect time for birdwatching and animal spotting.

Another great time to visit the Woodard Nature Trail is in the fall. As the summer heat subsides, the forest transforms into a breathtaking display of autumn colors. The trail is lined with trees in shades of red, orange, and gold, creating a picturesque backdrop for a leisurely hike. The crisp air and mild temperatures make it an enjoyable experience for visitors of all ages.

It is important to note that the Woodard Nature Trail may have seasonal closures or restrictions in place. During the winter months, heavy snowfall and icy conditions can make the trail unsafe for hiking. It is advisable to check with the local authorities or the trail’s official website for any closures or updates before planning a visit. Additionally, some sections of the trail may be temporarily closed for maintenance or restoration work, so it is always a good idea to stay informed about any closures or restrictions that may be in effect.


1. Wheelchair Accessible Trail: The Woodard Nature Trail features a fully accessible trail that allows individuals using wheelchairs to explore the natural beauty of the area.
2. Paved Pathways: The trail offers paved pathways throughout, ensuring smooth and easy navigation for wheelchair users.
3. Accessible Parking: The Woodard Nature Trail provides designated accessible parking spaces near the trailhead, allowing convenient access for individuals with disabilities.
4. Accessible Restrooms: The trail offers accessible restrooms equipped with features such as grab bars and wider doorways to accommodate individuals with disabilities.
5. Benches and Rest Areas: The trail includes benches and rest areas along the way, providing opportunities for wheelchair users to take breaks and enjoy the surroundings.
6. Signage and Information: The Woodard Nature Trail features accessible signage and information boards with braille and large print options, ensuring that individuals with visual impairments can access relevant information.
7. Assistance Animals: The trail welcomes assistance animals, allowing individuals with disabilities to have their service animals accompany them during their visit.
8. Accessible Picnic Areas: The trail provides accessible picnic areas equipped with tables and seating options suitable for wheelchair users.
9. Audio Guides: The Woodard Nature Trail offers audio guides that provide audio descriptions of the surroundings, enabling individuals with visual impairments to experience the trail.
10. Accessible Interpretive Exhibits: The trail features interpretive exhibits designed to be accessible to individuals with disabilities, including tactile elements and audio descriptions.

Safety Information

When visiting the Woodard Nature Trail, it is important to keep the following safety information in mind:

1. Stay on designated trails: Stick to the marked paths and avoid venturing off into unmarked areas. This helps protect the natural habitat and prevents accidents or getting lost.

2. Wear appropriate footwear: The trail may have uneven terrain, rocks, or tree roots. Wear sturdy, closed-toe shoes or hiking boots to provide proper support and prevent injuries.

3. Dress for the weather: Check the weather forecast before your visit and dress accordingly. Wear layers, a hat, and sunscreen to protect yourself from sunburn or heatstroke. In colder months, wear warm clothing and bring extra layers.

4. Stay hydrated: Carry an adequate amount of water with you, especially during hot weather or longer hikes. Dehydration can lead to fatigue, dizziness, and other health issues.

5. Use insect repellent: Apply insect repellent to protect yourself from ticks, mosquitoes, and other insects that may be present in the area. Check for ticks after your visit and remove them promptly if found.

6. Be aware of wildlife: Respect the wildlife and observe from a safe distance. Do not approach or feed animals, as this can be dangerous for both you and the animals. If you encounter larger wildlife, such as bears or cougars, make noise and slowly back away.

7. Inform someone about your plans: Before heading out, let someone know about your visit to the Woodard Nature Trail, including the estimated duration of your hike. This ensures that someone is aware of your whereabouts in case of an emergency.

8. Carry a first aid kit: It is always a good idea to have a basic first aid kit with you. Include items like band-aids, antiseptic wipes, pain relievers, and any personal medications you may need.

9. Stay aware of your surroundings: Keep an eye out for potential hazards such as fallen branches, slippery surfaces, or steep areas. Stay focused and avoid distractions like using your phone excessively to prevent accidents.

10. Leave no trace: Respect the environment by not littering and disposing of waste properly. Pack out any trash you generate and leave the trail as you found it, preserving its natural beauty for others to enjoy.

Remember, safety should always be a priority when exploring nature trails like Woodard. Enjoy your visit while being mindful of your surroundings and following these guidelines.

Conservation Notes

The Woodard Nature Trail is considered to have a favorable conservation status due to its well-preserved and protected natural environment. The trail is located within a designated conservation area, ensuring that it is shielded from potential threats such as urban development or habitat destruction. This protected status allows the trail to maintain its ecological integrity and biodiversity.

The Woodard Nature Trail is home to a diverse range of plant and animal species, many of which are considered rare or endangered. The conservation efforts in place have helped to safeguard these species and their habitats, ensuring their long-term survival. The trail’s conservation status also promotes the preservation of critical ecosystems, such as wetlands and forests, which play a vital role in maintaining the overall health of the surrounding environment.

Conservation measures implemented along the Woodard Nature Trail include regular monitoring and assessment of the area’s ecological health, as well as the implementation of sustainable management practices. These practices aim to minimize human impact on the trail and its surroundings, ensuring that the delicate balance of the ecosystem is maintained. Additionally, educational programs and initiatives are in place to raise awareness about the importance of conservation and encourage responsible visitor behavior, further contributing to the overall conservation status of the Woodard Nature Trail.

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